Tim is a Los Angeles-based cinematographer working in the film & TV industry primarily as a director of photography on narrative and documentary projects. He specializes in visual storytelling from a system perspective and provides extensive support in bringing scripts to screen via look development, image control, and production management. He also works as a camera operator, gaffer, AC, DIT, post-production color consultant, colorist, and stills photographer and has taught cinematography classes and seminars.

For training, he received his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in cinematography at the renowned American Film Institute Conservatory and proudly received mentorship from Stephen Lighthill, ASC; Robert Primes, ASC; David Stump, ASC; and Ron Garcia, ASC. He has worked on multiple narrative features, shorts, and documentaries in different crewing capacities. Previously, he studied biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University, worked in the scientific imaging world for seven years, and built his photographic chops in the streets and subways of NYC.

For inspiration, Tim continues to shoot stills on the side as an experimental proving ground for his cinematography. He also loves Matisse, origami, jazz, post punk rock, and Motown.

Tim strives to push the bounds of the medium and welcomes requests for work as a director of photography, camera operator, gaffer, and educator.